Rock Rose Gin 5cl

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Number of Bottles: Singular Bottle
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Rock Rose Gin - Is hand made small-batch gin made in the very North of Scotland. Dunnet Bay distillery pride itself in using local and traditional ingredients. 

Nose - A delicate bouquet of rose, mixed with deeper cardamom and a touch of citrus fused into a mouthwatering mix.

Palate - Fruity berries merge with the floral nose to give a full-bodied, rounded gin. Bright, slightly sour notes ping as the juniper comes to the fore alongside a warming heat. There’s depth and character aplenty with all the flavours that surround the piney core working in harmony.

Finish - Crisp citrus, leafy eucoliptic elements, light florals and a resinous underbelly.

ABV - 41.5%

Packaging - Glass Bottle 

Volume - 50ml 

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