Lind & Lime Gin 5cl

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Lind & Lime Gin - The first tipple to come from Edinburgh's Port of Leith Distillery has arrived in the shape of Lind & Lime Gin!

The Dr (James Lind) took a base spirit at 96% ABV and re-distilled it with a carefully curated recipe of 7 botanicals to ensure that each of them worked in delicate harmony.

The main three are:

Juniper: the cornerstone of any gin. It’s what makes gin, gin. Indeed the English name ‘gin’ is derived from the Dutch word for juniper: jenever

Lime: He decided early on that he wanted a lime flavour in the gin. Not fruit pastel confected lime, but zesty refreshing lime, which they extract from the rind, or skin of the lime

Pink Peppercorn: The lime needed something to counterbalance it and the answer they found was a gentle addition of spice from pink peppercorns.

ABV – 44%

Packaging - Glass Bottle 

Volume - 50ml

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