Edinburgh Gin Seaside 5cl

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Number of Bottles: Singular Bottle
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Edinburgh Gin Seaside - Inspired By The East Coast Shoreline Near Edinburgh, Seaside Gin Was The First Of Our Collaborations With Heriot-Watt University’s Brewing & Distilling Msc.

Its Shoreline Botanicals Including Ground Ivy, Bladderwrack And Scurvygrass Contribute To A Spirit With Distinctive Minerality.

This Is A Finely Balanced Gin With A Fresh Sweetness On The Nose, Soft Salinity And Herbaceous Notes On The Palate, And A Clean Finish. Seaside Gin Is At Home In A Crisp G&T, A Briny Seaside Martini With Olives And Anchovy Garnish And A Variety Of Classic Cocktails.

ABV - 43%

Packaging - Glass Bottle 

Volume - 50ml 

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