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The Ben Lomond trio pack

Ben Lomond Raspberry & Elderflower 38% - inspired by the extensive flora within Scotland. This infused gin combines natural essences of raspberries and elderflower with Ben Lomond's core London Dry Gin. The raspberries elevate the succulently sweet flavours of the gin, while the elderflower adds a unique floral twist, creating and vibrant and fresh flavour. Pairs perfectly with either tonic or lemonade, or as an ingredient in your favourite cocktail.

Ben Lomond Premium Scottish Gin 43% - this enticing and complex gin is a vibrant blend of 11 botanicals, including juniper, citrus, hand-picked blackcurrants and rowan berries. It is a classic London dry style gin, bursting with aromas of citrus orange and spicy coriander, perfectly balanced with the sweetness of vibrant summer berries and delicate rose. Incredibly smooth on the palate, this classic gin with a twist is perfect in a gin and tonic or a delicious cocktail.

Ben Lomond Blackberry & Gooseberry Gin 38% - Inspired by the wild raspberries which grow throughout Scotland, this infused gin combines the nature essence of blackberries and gooseberries with Ben Lomond's core London Dry Gin. The sweet and juicy blackberries intermingle perfectly with the delicate tang of gooseberries, creating an intense, yet beautifully balanced fruity flavour. The perfect companion for both tonic or lemonade or as an ingredient in your favourite cocktail.


3 x 50 ml 

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